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Sealing fluid for tubeless bicycle tyres with full compatibility with foam systems

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In PANZER SEALANT we have limited ourselves to the main characteristics that a quality tubeless liquid must meet, so its composition is based on a dispersion of Last Generation Polymers that guarantee a great wetting capacity and incredible adhesion and sealing properties. Its Formula makes it completely Liquid and Fluid, in this way it is extremely fast in its distribution inside the tire, reducing to the maximum the time of arrival of the liquid to the area of ​​the affected tire, even with Inserts Systems.

Its adhesive properties are worthy of a contact glue which in turn remains in a completely liquid state for a long period of time.

This composition does not contain Ammonia or Latex, and its Ph is neutral, which prevents any type of adverse reaction to contact with the materials currently used in the field of tires, tire rims for tubeless and insert protection systems.




Since the beginning of the 2022 season, the brand has initiated a new phase of testing and development, in collaboration with the Pivot Factory Racing team at the Downhill World Cup and with the Buff-Megamo international mountain biking team, allowing us to understand the real and fully updated needs of the teams in each of the disciplines.

In terms of products, we have the clear intention of transferring all the product modifications and updates that are currently underway in a race setting to the final product, which is sold directly to the customer.

Acceptance of Panzer sealant by the teams has been extremely positive; important aspects such as sealing capacity, the drastic reduction of the solid particles generated from the use of inserts and the durability and stability of the liquid itself at high temperatures have been valued highly by mechanics.


Panzer sealant is a tubeless sealant that is characterised by its full compatibility with the use of mousse systems.

Its composition is based on a next-generation polymer dispersion that guarantees excellent sealing capacity and the total stability of its composition when using mousse systems, which generate a high level of friction inside the tyre.



We must bear in mind that, at present, no tubeless liquid brand at international level has successfully made updates in this regard. In other words, no other brand has developed a specific tubeless liquid that works optimally with mousse systems.

The excess friction generated by mousse systems within the tyre takes a toll on the real performance of the majority of tubeless liquids on the market. Some of the alterations caused by this type of system to the performance of conventional tubeless liquids can be summarised as follows:

  • They drastically reduce the durability of the sealing liquid.
  • They generate a high number of solid particles in a very short period of time.
  • In certain cases they have even been known to decompose the actual tubeless liquid, separating its parts and rendering the liquid completely unusable.
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